Ambersze at work

The Designer

After travelling, studying, and living in two main different cities in Kuala Lumpur and London over the past several years. Amber.S has found her “home” in AMBERSZE – Her brand of handmade Bridal & Evening wears. In the tone of creating the NEW + OLD ideas of combination her interest in exploring both Haute Couture culture + current trend, living experiences. Her designs were not just happened upon one day, nor were it something she had fully planned on pursuing. It wasn’t until when she landed herself in London to pursue her studies in University of Arts London major in womenswear.

Throughout the life experiences, weltering tough times with a strong track of successful projects as a designer, but Amber.S is continually inspired by the fashion in couture cultures and her surroundings, as well as travel.

Although the brand is something new, AMBERSZE has taken her further that see ever could have imagined. And she looks forward to the new paths of creativity and innovation, and opportunities that AMBERSZE will create.


Rethinking of Modern Femininity


An exploration of deeper, structural relation between art and fashion.


AMBERSZE and teams are very well interested in exploring fashion as a cultural expression of the performance of the female body, either in works of art or in the actual wearing of clothes

behind the scene of the art of Haute Couture. Instead of finding about the beauty of gowns from the outside this will be exploring the “inner beauty” and viewing things from the historical moments that brought us until now to love fashion. Also, in examining the layers of meaning embraced in clothing that still fascinates us by obsolete designs.

AMBERSZE is taking the statement that wish to make is, to bring the haute couture culture juxtapose to modern fashion into the current society. For instance, the secret behind each dress onto surface where everyone can experience the secret beauty of the construction designs.

Through these words, this secretiveness is suggestion for people who appreciates the construction of haute couture garments that brings fashion alive to Now. Also, to people who are interested in fashion itself in upbringing the possibilities of reviewing the more hopeful side. Secret often represented as knowledge that is handed down from the past, it also open into the future.

Therefore, this has inspired AMBERSZE to create new thoughts of bringing the old and new as a combination of both to create a modernized, secretive construction, experimental collection to the fashion world.

With the core business and foundation now, through traditional way of garments making, AMBERSZE is hoping to venture this with technology to bridge business and consumer together worldwide in future.



The Collection

Through this collection, I wish to highlight the inner truth of oneself that is part of the individuality as a symbol of self-representative.

We started off with our initial collection based on AMBERSZE concept, as a theme to speak itself to the audience. Our collection is very young and girly, sometimes a bit loud and bold, refined by clean cuts stylines with a bit of laces applique detailing, that emphasis the ‘IT’ lady of AMBERSZE Bridal that sees through rose-glasses.  And most of the time, designed with lots of soft fabrics like netting and tulles… that will remind you of your own imagination that you had when you were little. We’re here to aspire, inspire, and encourage you to be creative, young at heart, hold on to memories, and most importantly- Always Dream.

To further explain, the wishes of desire of oneself in craving for something real, something sensual as an imagination of human are greater than we thought it would be. Another words, A desire we assume is real is almost an extension of ourselves. Most importantly, because it is close to us, thus, we intent to bring that extension of the real within us to re-inject the outcome with the idea through making AMBERSZE collection into something visible and touchable.

The key feature of the whole conceptual scheme brings both worlds of fantasy and reality relations into play. 



Management Team

Creative Director/Designer: Amber Tan (London/Kuala Lumpur)

Art Director (Graphics): Sunnie Yeo (London)

Assistant Designer: Elaine Ng

Production Leader: Geraline Shinee

Sales / PR: Michelle Liew

Accountant: Lee Wun Lee